Payment via Paypal Invoice only. All prices listed are in Euros (€).

Please read the terms of service before placing a commission request.

TIP: Supporters on Patreon get up to a 20% discount!

Note: the prices listed below are for private use only, and do not include the right to sell, reproduce or otherwise profit off of the artwork created. If you are a business or looking to hire me for freelance work on projects like book covers, concept art or editorial illustrations, you can get in touch via

the contact form to discuss pricing.

Option I - Lineart

Simple props included in base price.

Large props (like furniture or weapons)

come with a seperate fee.

TIP: Complex design? Use the

'character reference' tier below.

Shaded: €80 for fullbody, €60 for bust

Flat colour: €65 for fullbody, €45 for bust

Sketch: €50 for fullbody, €30 for bust

Extra character: + 70%

comm example three.png
first commission example.png
commission example barn.png
lineless ex 2.png

Option II - Lineless

Comes with shading by default.

Base price includes simple background

and props, complex elements

come with a seperate fee. Due to

the limitations of the style I may

refuse designs that are too complex.

€70 for fullbody, €50 for bust

Extra character: + 70%

lineless ex.png
lineless ex 3.png



Basic square or circle icon for use

on social media, Roll20 etc.

Please specify expression, background

colour and dimensions of the icon,

if you have a preference.

icons one.png


€35 for one, €50 for two



Shaded: €120

Flat colour: €100

Sketch: €80 


D&D parties:

Maximum of 6 characters per group.

Each character beyond the first: 80%

Character reference

A single, fullbody reference of your

character, including their armor and main

equipment (weapons, spell focus, shield,

backpack, instrument, coin pouch... etc)

Perfect for  player characters from

D&D or other tabletop rpgs, but also

videogames, MMORPG's etc.


Character design

I design a character for you from the

ground up. You can provide me with

basic information (gender, body type),

inspirations, a moodboard, elements

you'd like to see included, etc but I

will do my thing with them.


With colour: €100

Without colour: €80

Adoptable 5 - no bg.png
commission - character design simple.png

Characters designed by me get a

10% discount on future commissions.

(does not stack with patron discount)