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Before you place your request:


Explicit nsfw content / pornography

Vehicles or buildings

Crowded / complicated backgrounds

Mecha designs (...unless it's an EVA unit)


Furry / anthro designs

Animals or monsters

mild/tasteful nudity (ask first!)


To place your commission request, send me all of the details in an email via the button below. 

Make sure your request contains the following information:

Which category of commission would you like to get?

Lineart or lineless? Fullbody or halfbody? Shading? How many characters?

What would you like me to draw?

Which characters? Preferred clothing? Expressions? Actions? Props? Background?

Please be thorough, and provide clear reference(s) if possible. You can attach these directly to the email or link me to a folder or page where I can find them. You can tell me a little about the characters as well to help me portray them accurately.

If you have no clear idea or would rather give me more freedom, let me know.

Is there something else you need an estimation for?

Complexity, background, extra characters or props...

Is there a deadline for the piece? 

Which email should I send the invoice to?

For commissions over €150: Do you need installments?

Would you like me to provide WIP shots along the way? 

Can I post the piece to social media once finished (or is it a surprise gift?)

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