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Please read carefully before ordering a commission!

When you send your payment, you are agreeing to the terms listed below.

Requesting a commission

I have the right to decline any commission requests.

I will accept requests via email, via social media (twitter, tumblr) or via the contact form.

If you have any questions, you can contact me via those same channels

( e.g. Am I open right now? Will I draw x? How much would x cost?)

If you have an urgent deadline for your piece, I can charge a rush fee depending on time provided


Paying for your commission
Payment will be 100% up front in the form of a Paypal Invoice

(which can be paid with paypal balance or a debit/credit card.)

I will send it when I'm ready to get started on your piece to reduce the gap between payment and delivery. However, if you'd rather pay immediately - let me know.

Paypal invoices allow tips. These are not required, ofcourse, but much appreciated.

The commission process

For bigger pieces, I can send work in progress (WIP) shots at various stages, such as the sketch or flat colours, to ask for feedback (unless you request me not to).

If I make any mistakes that are not due to missing or unclear information in the reference provided, I will fix them. However, if errors in earlier stages of the drawing were not spotted when work in progress shots were provided and are only pointed out once the piece is finished - I won't do these for free. I provide WIP shots specifically for this reason.

If you'd like me to make cosmetic changes to a piece, I can do these for a fee depending on the time needed - within reason. 

Receiving your commission

These commissions are purely digital goods, and will not be printed or shipped out.

When commissioning, you are paying me for the service of creating a custom piece of art for you, not for a physical work NOR the for rights to the final image. Unless you pay a fee and sign a contract for the legal transfer thereof, I retain full rights to the image.

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